The Georgia heat is upon us, and we’re in for a long, hot summer! Even though you will be blasting the AC during the day and enjoying those perfect breezy summer nights with your windows open, you don’t want your energy bill to skyrocket. We’ve made a list of 10 ways you can save money on your energy bills this summer. So beat the heat and have a summer of savings by checking out Jordan Air’s tips below.


Home automation makes your life easier in a number of ways. It allows you to control your lighting, heating and cooling, garage door and so much more from your phone! Home automation is a huge energy saver because you can easily adjust your homes’ temperature while you’re away or out of town to keep your costs low. Forgot to turn off the AC before heading to the lake? No problem! Home automation allows you to adjust your temperature and keep track of your energy usage. 


By changing your air filter regularly, you are doing yourself and your wallet a favor. If your air filter is dirty, it will slow the airflow and make your system work harder, which, in turn, costs you more money. Having a clean air filter also prevents dirt from building up in your AC system, which could lead to pricey maintenance and reduced system life. 


The idea behind a programmable thermostat is to reduce energy usage when you aren’t home or when you are sleeping. You don’t need your home to be cool when you’re not there, so the programmable thermostat allows you to turn the temperature up when you’re away. Worried about coming home to a hot house? Don’t worry! You can program the thermostat to come back on an hour before you return so your house will be nice and comfortable. 


ENERGY STAR® estimates that a typical family can save $100 or more per year with an ENERGY STAR qualified tankless water heater (source). A tankless water heater heats the water directly without using a storage tank. Tankless water heaters give you a constant supply of hot water because you don’t have to wait for a whole storage tank to fill up. Tankless water heaters are great for families who don’t use a lot of water, but if you do use a large amount of water and are still interested in the energy efficient tankless water heater, we recommend installing more than one.


When you switch from normal incandescent light bulbs to LED lights, you can use around 25-80% less energy. These energy efficient bulbs also last 3-25 times longer, saving you money (source)! LED light bulbs come in a variety of brightness and colors so there is sure to be a bulb that fits the lighting you prefer in your home. A simple thing, such as changing a light bulb, can make a big difference in your wallet. 


Making sure your home is properly insulated is essential to saving money this summer. When your home is properly insulated, it not only reduces your heating and cooling bills, but it also makes your home more comfortable. At Jordan Air, we offer insulation analysis to make sure your energy insulation is energy efficient. We are also available to consult with you to determine what type of insulation is best for your home. 


Toilets and showers account for a large portion of household water usage. Toilets usually account for 30% of water consumption, and showers typically use between 25-35 gallons per minute! That’s a lot of water usage during your daily bathroom routine. Efficient toilet designs allow for less water volume to be used for flushing, and restrictive flow showerheads can reduce water usage to around three gallons per minute. Using less water equates to spending less money. 


In the same realm of efficient toilets and showers, there are energy efficient home appliances. Pretty much any appliance in your home is made in an energy efficient version. Refrigerators, washing machines, dehumidifiers and everything in between all come in energy efficient models. By investing more upfront for an energy efficient appliance, you are ultimately saving money by reducing your energy costs. 


You wouldn’t believe how much air leaks through your windows and doors if they’re not properly insulated. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that as much as one-third of the average home's energy loss occurs through windows and doors (source). If you think your house might be a bit drafty, or the outside and inside temperatures are starting to merge, you call Jordan Air for an energy audit, and we’ll check your doors’ and windows’ insulation.


By having your home, appliances, and HVAC checked regularly, you can avoid a number of high energy costs. By being proactive and having your home’s energy checked, you can improve your home’s comfort, uncover problems you didn’t even know you have, and help save the environment while saving money. 

The vast majority of these energy and money saving tips can be done by our skilled team of technicians at Jordan Air. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can conserve energy and cut energy costs this summer, check out our energy solutions. We’d be happy to come help you out! 

Olivia McDonald