In our last blog, we told you all about the benefits of purchasing Aeroseal Duct Sealing with Jordan Air. 

We know how important this service is, so we challenged ourselves to see how we could make the offer even better for our customers. That’s why we’ve decided to offer a FREE duct cleaning with every purchase of Aeroseal. In our minds, we’re already working in the area, so we might as we go above and beyond so our customers have the highest quality air after their experience with us. 

So why do you need to have your ducts cleaned? 

When there is a significant amount of dust in your ducts, your system has to work harder to function, therefore, increasing your energy bills. Not to mention, you run the risk of breathing in possibly contaminated air in your house! Jordan Air offers duct cleaning to keep the air you breathe clean. Rather than trying to clean your ducts yourself, let our team of trained professionals get the job done right. You’ll immediately start reaping the benefits of lower energy bills, cleaner air and an overall healthier home. 

Aeroseal technology is exclusive to Jordan Air, so you won’t find a better deal for the amount of service we want to provide for you, especially with this latest sealing and cleaning technology. 

If you have any questions about cleaning, sealing or inspections, contact Jordan Air today!

Olivia McDonald