A vast majority of heating and cooling problems are a result of leaky ducts. This may be due to dirty, old or leaky ductwork that can greatly affect your indoor air quality. Jordan Air provides a broad range of HVAC duct services. If you need a duct consultation, installation, cleaning or repairs, our skilled technicians are practiced and proficient in working with air ducts. At Jordan Air, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality duct services.

There are many situations where duct cleaning is not only necessary, but also beneficial to you and your living space. For example, if your home has been remodeled, you might consider a cleaning. The ducts should be sealed during renovations; but if they weren’t, harmful dust and debris may reside in your system. Duct cleaning is also helpful if you are starting to notice any infestation in your HVAC system or visible mold. In both situations, the ducts need to be properly investigated and cleaned to maximize safety and efficiency. Lastly, if you are witnessing noticeable debris, pet hair, or strange odors in your living space, you might consider having your ducts cleaned.

According to the EPA, “some research suggests that cleaning heating and cooling system components may improve the efficiency of your system, resulting in a longer operating life, as well as some energy and maintenance cost savings”(source). When there is a significant amount of dust in your ducts, your system has to work harder to function, therefore, increasing your energy bills. Not to mention, you run the risk of breathing in possibly contaminated air in your house! Jordan Air offers duct cleaning to keep the air you breathe clean. Rather than trying to clean your ducts yourself, let our team of trained professionals get the job done right. By using advanced cleaning methods and specialized tools, we’re able to clean your ducts so that they can function at their full capacity. You’ll reap the benefits of lower energy bills, cleaner air, and an overall healthier home. Contact Jordan Air for your professional duct cleaning. 



You may think that duct insulation is a job for you DIY weekend warriors, but duct insulation is better left to the professionals. Jordan Air offers insulation installation for homes, multi-family buildings and commercial buildings throughout the region.

We take great care to ensure that the insulation products we use are of the highest quality, and are the best fit for our clients for any given project. Whether you're looking for the most environmentally friendly solution -- cellulose insulation made from recycled newspaper, for example -- or the highest R-value, highest performance insulation products on the market like open and closed cell spray foam, we have the products to meet your needs.

We understand that different buildings have different needs and that each of our clients has a unique set of goals. That's why we're happy to work with our customers to determine the best options for a given project. We offer rigid foam exterior insulation for deep energy retrofits. We offer blown in cellulose attic insulation for existing homes and new construction. We offer open and closed cell spray foam insulation for renovations and new construction. We offer traditional fiberglass batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation, as well, for those scenarios where this is the best option. We do take care, however, that any time we install batt insulation, it's done properly, to avoid the widespread air leakage and reduced R-value problems that accompany so many batt installations nationwide.

Insulation products and services we offer include:

  • Attic insulation

  • Basement insulation

  • Wall insulation

  • Crawlspace insulation

  • Blown in cellulose insulation

  • Spray foam insulation

  • Air sealing

  • and more!

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