We all know that as the New Year rolls in, the temperatures are only going to drop. Especially here in Georgia, January and February can be the coldest months of the year. That is why it is so important to prepare with HVAC preventative maintenance at the start of the new year to keep those pesky heater problems from keeping you from enjoying your winter. Here are some tips on how to properly and effectively prepare for the new year so you can ring in 2019 in the comfort of your warm and energy-efficient home:

  1. Seal any air leaks. Air leaks can be tricky, as they might go unnoticed. In order to find these, it is a good idea to perform an energy assessment on your home to determine where these leaks are. The most common places for air leaks are in your attic, or around windows or doors. Make sure to close them fully, as this will decrease the energy your home uses, therefore, saving you money.

  2. Make sure your HVAC unit is connected to your programmable thermostat. Connecting your HVAC to a programmable thermostat is beneficial because these thermostats are more accurate, and they have potential to save you money. These programmable thermostats are also often remote, meaning that if you leave for a weekend, but forget to lower the temperature, you can change and monitor your unit from wherever you are.

  3. Lower the thermostat temperature before inviting large groups into your home. It mind sound obvious, but it is true -- the more people in your home, the more body there is, thus making it warmer. There is no use in heating your home right before a group of people come to your house, as it will usually get warmer than you desire. This is why it is smart to lower your thermostat temperature a few hours prior to hosting, to make your home a comfortable temperature for guests, and it saves you money too!

  4. Schedule a furnace check. HVAC preventative maintenance can keep you from having to have that dreadful conversation informing you that you need a furnace repair, or even worse, a new unit. This is why a furnace check is crucial, as it can detect problems early, and can prevent a loss of heat in those months where it is needed most. Although a furnace repair is not ideal, it is better than replacing the entire unit, and it will provide you with warmth all winter long.

Olivia McDonald