Are you tired of seeing that expensive bill for your A/C throughout the summer months? Are you constantly trying to manage keeping cool but not spending a fortune? Here are some helpful tips to inform you of how to use your air conditioner in the summer:

  1. Check your unit- Make sure your A/C unit is performing at its best to help lower air conditioning costs, as an old or broken unit might be charging you unnecessarily. A great way to ensure this is by getting routine maintenance performed on your units to keep them running to maximize your comfort and efficiency.

  2. Turn on your ceiling fans- Ceiling fans really do make a dramatic difference in the temperature of your home, so remember to always turn on the fan. It is a good idea to leave them on, as it costs less to keep a ceiling fan running than it does to keep your A/C unit on a lower temperature. Fans can help lower the electric bill in your home by up to 40%.

  3. Close curtains and blinds- You would be amazed by how much heat is let in your home through your windows, which is why we advise to close the blinds or curtains in your home to reduce the amount of heat entering your home to make sure that your A/C unit is not being overworked. In rooms with lots of windows, your A/C unit has to work extra hard to cool down those rooms, which is costing you more than necessary.

  4. Reduce the amount of heat-activities you do in the middle of the day- From cooking to laundry and more, there are many activities we do that create more heat inside our homes. It is best to cook or do laundry when the sun is not shining, as it gives your home time to cool down before you heat it up with these activities. If you reduce the amount of these activities you do throughout the day, you will see a decrease in the electric bill, as the A/C unit is not being forced to overwork to cool your home in the midst of cooking or doing laundry.

  5. Turn off AC when you are not home- This seems like a no-brainer, but if you are leaving for a weekend or going on a vacation, it is always a good idea to turn off your A/C, or to turn the temperature up, so you are not wasting money cooling a home that you are not even living in. It is also a good idea to increase the temperature you set your home to when you leave for work in the morning or for an all day activity, as it is not efficient to cool a home for the time that you will not be home.

These tips can help lower air conditioning costs in the summer by being more efficient and reducing the amount of heat and sunlight that enter your home!

Olivia McDonald