You've probably seen many HVAC companies that offer an annual inspection plan or a scheduled tune up program for your heating and air conditioning system, but have you ever wondered if you actually need it? And what is the purpose of a preventative inspection for your HVAC system?

Take a car for example. You take your car in for regular maintenance, such as to get the oil changed or to rotate the tires. Why do you do this? Well, you do it because it extends the life of your car, and ultimately saves you money in the long run.

It works the same for your HVAC system. Having a regular inspection on your system maximizes your comfort and efficiency, and has been proven to extend the life of your unit(s).

In fact, the majority of people that are on our service plan at Jordan Air, also known as the Air Care Club, experience significantly fewer problems with their unit(s).

In addition, a lot of companies will offer different benefits with their plan. At Jordan Air, some of the benefits include: lower utility bills, improved capacity, 15% discount on all parts, and no overtime charge.

So in short, is it worth it to sign up for preventative inspection on your unit? YES!

Olivia McDonald