Are you struggling in the summer heat due to your HVAC blowing warm air? If you are experiencing hot air coming from your vents, you might need a repair, or it might be a simple fix! Here are some helpful tips to try before deciding you need professional help with an HVAC repair:

  1. Make sure your thermostat is set to the right temperature/setting

As simple as this might sound, it happens quite often. Make sure your thermostat is set to “cool” and not to “heat,” and your problem might be solved that easily! It is a good idea to set a reminder to change your thermostat from “heat” to “cool” when the season changes so you and your home are prepared for the warmer weather!

  1. Change your air filter

Sometimes, a dirty air filter can block air from flowing, so if you are having trouble remembering the last time you changed your air filter, it might be time. This does not cause warm air to come through your vents, but it blocks the airflow, which will make your home warmer and will make it feel like your HVAC unit is not functioning properly. So, a quick air filter change can go a long way and keep your home cool.

  1. Check your outside unit to make sure it is not frozen

It might sound crazy to think that your outside HVAC unit might be frozen when it’s over 80º outside, but it happens more often than you think. The evaporator coil is what typically freezes, which causes the cool air to be prevented from flowing into your house. Make sure your outside unit is functioning well to keep this warm air from making you uncomfortable in your home. A good way to solve this problem in the future is to not set your thermostat to extreme temperatures, as this increases the likelihood that your unit might freeze, but setting the temperature to an auto setting between 70-74º, you will prevent this issue in the future.

  1. Make sure your breaker switch is not blown

If your breaker is blown, your HVAC unit blowing hot air could be a result. You might not even realize that the power is off and therefore, the unit is not running and you are experiencing warm air in your home. It is a good idea to monitor the breaker if you notice a significant temperature change in your home, as the breaker might be blown, and a quick flip of a switch will do the trick most of the time.

  1. Schedule routine maintenance

The best way to prevent problems with your HVAC unit is to schedule routine maintenance to find the issues before they affect your comfort in your home. This will help you stay cool and comfortable in your home all summer long, without sudden or surprising issues with your HVAC unit. At Jordan Air, we provide routine maintenance to save you the stress and cost of unforeseen HVAC issues.

Olivia McDonald