Benefits of Encapsulating your Crawl Space

Are you considering crawl space encapsulation? It is very important to maintain and monitor the conditions of your crawl space to keep your indoor air quality healthy for your family. Here are the top __ benefits of encapsulating your crawl space:

  1. Improves air quality

    Encapsulating your crawl space can improve the air quality of your home by eliminating the amount of moisture that is let into your home from the crawl space. This creates a healthier environment in your home as it ensures that the air you are breathing in your home is clean and fresh.

  2. Makes it hard for pests and other creatures to survive in crawl space

    If you are sick of dealing with bugs and other critters roaming in your crawl space, encapsulating it can be a good solution. This helps to prevent these pesky critters from entering any part of your home by blocking their entry in the crawl space.

  3. Avoid mold issues

    Mold and other fungi grow from moisture entering your home, and this happens often with the crawl space. By encapsulating your crawl space, you are eliminating moisture, thus keeping mold and other fungi from growing inside your home.

  4. Enhances energy efficiency in your home

    The encapsulation works as a vapor barrier which prevents unnecessary moisture from entering your home, which can improve the energy efficiency in your home. Not only are you improving the quality of air that you breathe in from your home, but you also save money in the process!

Lydia Sloan