5 Places in the U.S. with Summers Hotter than Georgia

At Jordan Air, we understand that Georgia heat can feel unbearable in the summertime. That’s why we provide a wide range of HVAC services and air conditioning repair! We want to keep you feeling cool and comfortable amongst the troubling heat of summer in the south. 

Did you know that Georgia doesn’t even fall under the top 10 hottest places in the U.S. during summer? You’d be surprised how high temperatures can raise in other states across the U.S. We’ve compiled the top 5 places with the hottest summers to give you a better perspective of where Georgia lies on the spectrum. This list might have you rethinking what we understand to be “unbearable” weather!

  1. Phoenix, Arizona: Although sometimes it feels as if Georgia couldn’t get any hotter, it most certainly could! Temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona reach all the way up to 105 degrees during the summer, placing it on the top of the list for hottest cities in the U.S. No air conditioning service can make up for that crazy level of heat! In Georgia, we are lucky to have only moderately high summer temperatures.

  2. Las Vegas, Nevada: Yes, you read correctly. The second hottest place in the U.S. goes to Las Vegas, baby! This city is known for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. However, the absurdly high summertime heat remains less known. Temperatures in this lively city gets up to 102 degrees. Definitely makes living in Georgia feel like a breeze! Looks like Las Vegas is in serious need of some air conditioning service.

  3. Texas (Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio): Everything’s bigger in Texas, including their level of heat. Temperatures here tend to average around 94-95 degrees during the summer months. As the second largest state in the U.S., Texas ranks the third hottest. 

  4. Riverside, California: Considering a trip to California this summer? You might want to think again unless your Airbnb has significant air conditioning service. The average summer temperature in Riverside gets all the way up to 93 degrees, making it the 4th hottest place across the U.S.

  5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: This Southern Central state also reaches uncomfortably high temperatures during the summertime. Oklahoma City specifically reaches around 92 degrees on average. Business and homeowners in the area must have pretty high bills when it comes to hvac service!

Hopefully after reading this you found a greater appreciation for Georgia summers and what we think of as “too hot.” However, Jordan Air is here to make your home environment pleasant and cool regardless. Give us a call for any HVAC/air conditioning repair or service needs!

Lydia Sloan