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Leaky ducts can be the source of high heating and cooling bills, poor indoor air quality, and reduced equipment performance. These leaks are a major source of energy waste, and it’s on your dime. If your ducts aren’t functioning properly, your air conditioning could be getting sent to spaces such as the attic or garage instead of the house, causing an uncomfortable temperature. Basically, duct leaks lead to a plethora of problems.

Jordan Air offers duct blaster testing to verify the integrity and tightness of your ducts. Our team is experienced in identifying duct problems and providing the best solutions for your home. Duct blaster testing involves pressure testing your ducts for air leaks. Air is forced through the ducts, and a precise leakage measurement is created by evaluating the airflow in your ducts using a pressure gauge. Our techs are then able to estimate the energy efficiency loss from the leakage. If you think your ducts might be compromised, call Jordan Air today.

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