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Don’t fight with your furnace like Ralphie’s father did on A Christmas Story. Heating repair should be left to the experts! There is nothing worse than waking up cold in the middle of the night. It's one thing if your covers slipped away, but it's a bigger problem if your furnace is broken or working poorly.

When your heating system isn’t working properly, call Jordan Air. Our team of friendly technicians is prepared to provide quick, affordable service for all your gas furnace repair needs at any time with our 24 hour HVAC services. Our experienced techs are skilled at servicing all major brands of equipment. With a fleet of well-stocked vehicles, our technicians are often able to perform your heating repairs in just one visit. Jordan Air’s technicians come in and get straight to work assessing and fixing your furnace problem. Furnace repair is one of our specialties here at Jordan Air so you can trust us to fix your furnace the right way. Don't get cold feet!–literally and figuratively–call Jordan Air for your furnace repair needs. 

Whether your furnace is making weird noises, not blowing air, creating strange odors, turning on and off too quickly, or anything else, Jordan Air is here to get things back to normal. Having your system inspected periodically is crucial. It is much better to catch an issue while it needs only minor repairs before it becomes a major endeavor.

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