You’re heading out of town for the week for a family vacation. The car is packed, and you’re an hour down the road before you realize, that in the rush of leaving, you left your air conditioning on full blast and your kids left on every light in the house.Your next power bill is going to be through the roof, and there’s nothing you can do about it. With NexiaTM Smart Home Automation, all these problems can be solved anywhere at anytime. Controlling your heating and air conditioning has never been easier. With NexiaTM, you’re able to adjust your home’s temperature from the tips of your fingers via your phone.

Jordan Air is proud to carry and install the NexiaTM Smart Home Automation system. NexiaTM is compatible with our top of the line TRANE® heating and cooling systems. Our highly trained technicians are equipped to install and help you program Nexia® Home Automation products in your home. The level of NexiaTM involvement in your home is completely contingent on what you want. If you only want to control your heating and air via phone, we can help you with that. If you want the whole setup of temperature, energy, garage door etc. control, we can do that, too! Home automation eliminates the guessing work of “did I turn down my air before I left?” Interested in learning more? Contact Jordan Air for more information on smart home automation.

The benefits are endless from security and convenience to saving time and money. You can easily monitor your home and control with just one touch of a finger. You can leave for work feeling confident rather than hesitating about whether or not your appliances are turned off. Having the NexiaTM Smart Home Automation system doesn’t only improve your home, but also your mood and lifestyle. Call Jordan Air today, we are happy to get you started!

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