How to Protect Your HVAC unit in the Colder Months

As September draws to an end, it’s officially fall! Time to take out your abundance of sweaters, coziest blankets, pumpkin spice, fuzzy socks, and crank your furnace up. But did you know that this sudden change in weather can be quite harmful to your HVAC unit? Thankfully, the experts at Jordan Air are here to help solve all of your concerns with keeping your HVAC unit running smoothly throughout the fall and winter months. 

    One tip that Jordan Air recommends to all of its customers is to have a duct cleaning. Although this can be done throughout the year, regardless of the season, our team of professionals highly recommend it before the weather drastically changes. Duct cleaning can help rid your HVAC unit of any mold, dirt, dust, debris, pet hair, odors, and more. It is important that your heating and cooling system is adequately cleaned not just for health reasons, but also to improve the lifespan of your unit. 

    For the fall and winter months, consider purchasing an HVAC cover for your unit. HVAC covers can protect your system, especially if it resides outdoors. This may seem like a simple solution, but it has drastic beneficial results. Most people do not even consider purchasing HVAC covers, leaving their heating and cooling system to brave against the harsh elements. Although it may be an additional expense, buying a cover can save you money long term, especially if it keeps your system running well. It is much better to spend money on a cover to protect your unit, rather than having to buy a brand new one afterward!

    Additionally, if you are a member of our Air Care Club, you can have your annual heating inspection before the brisk weather arrives. Our basic plan includes a one-time tune-up for heating or cooling, depending on the season. Be sure to take advantage of this amazing deal and others that come along with it.

    At Jordan Air, we recognize the importance of keeping your HVAC unit running efficiently, especially as the winter months approach. Visit our website to find out our locations, office and service hours, and contact information. Happy fall from Jordan Air!

Chancey Doster