10 Easy Ways to Decorate Your House for Fall

This year we are welcoming fall with open arms and lots of decor! Saying goodbye to the summer heat is effortless when you have festive autumn trends lining your doorstep. There are so many creative ways to spice up your home with the foliage and warm tones of fall. Jordan Air is here to provide you with our top 10 fall decorating ideas for outside: 

  1. Modern Metallics

    • It might be easier to purchase a regular ole pumpkin and leave it at that, but we like to take things a step further. Brighten up your porch with some new shades and depth. Spray paint your pumpkins with off-whites, grey, or give them some shine with metallics such as copper and silver. You can take your front porch from traditional classic to modern chic in less than half an hour!

  2. Wooden Staggering

    • A nice way to spruce up your front porch and catch your neighbors eye is to add wooden details. Whether it be a wooden basket, cart, or logs, wood adds character and comfort to your home. Not to mention it looks fabulous paired with any orange, green, or muted off-white tones. 

  3. Ribbon flair 

    • Not good at carving pumpkins? Or too busy to do it well? Not a problem. Your pumpkins can be styled with alternative choices, aka ribbon. Tying bows around your pumpkin is trendy without the mess. Run over to Michaels or Hobby lobby, and get yourself some fun, fall patterned ribbon! 

  4. Garlands galore

    • There’s no better way to showcase the beautiful colors of fall than hanging a garland around your front door. With magnolia leaves, twigs, and miniature pumpkins, a garland can turn your home into a sophisticated, yet festive display. When looking for fall decorations for outside, garlands are a must!

  5. Pillows and blankets

    • Got a rocking chair laying around somewhere? One of the best fall decorating ideas for front porch comes from a simple rocking chair. Stack some cute pillows, drape a plaid blanket over the back, and you’ve got another cute front porch item in no time. 

  6. Crazy for wreaths

    • Whether you are using a flower, fruit, or harvest wheat wreath, your home is instantly more eye-catching. Top it off with a nice burlap ribbon for the final touch! 

  7. Back to the basics

    • Remember when you were a kid and had to eat sack lunches? Well those brown paper bags come in handy for more than just your elementary days. Homemade luminaries are a great addition to your front porch. Just cut some fall leaf shapes or pumpkins into the bag, stagger them, and you’ll have the most unique arrangement in town!

  8. The power of words

    • Going beyond the typical front porch welcome matt, sometimes it’s nice to see a few words on display. Taking a small chalkboard and writing “Happy Fall Y’all” with a miniature garland wrapped along the edges can give your home a more welcoming vibe. 

  9. Pumpkin holder candles 

    • Not much better than fall-scented candles. Even better, those candles can be put to use beyond just the wonderful aroma! Carving an opening in some of your pumpkins can make for the perfect candle-holder and fall decorations for outside.

  10.  Begging for Burlap

    • If you’re looking for something more unique than a basic wreath, you should consider using a burlap sack. Filling it with foliage and warm toned florals can make for an ideal door piece. This is one of our favorite fall decorating ideas for outside!

Chancey Doster