What is the Purpose of Having an HVAC Inspection?

HVAC inspections---if you aren't aware of what they mean or entail, you fit the majority. HVAC inspections (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning inspections) are meaningful for numerous reasons to ensure your system is working both properly and efficiently. Despite these air inspections not being routine requirements, they are more valuable than what most customers realize.

HVAC inspections are primarily utilized to examine a system’s overall performance. At Jordan Air, we provide a range of services, such as heating and air, emergency, and energy solutions. We are especially proud of our Air Care Club. Although other air companies provide similar plans, Jordan Air differs itself with a maintenance plan that covers your entire system.

HVAC systems, regardless of their origin, require routine checkups to catch any major future problems. By finding these issues before significant dilemmas arise, you can save both your HVAC unit and wallet from undergoing dire consequences. Our Air Care Club is beneficial to residential and commercial buildings alike. With HVAC inspections, it’s simple to maintain your indoor temperature (even if you reside in an extreme climate), and you can recycle stale air.

HVAC inspections can help prevent entire systems from failing by keeping them fresh and up-to-date. With our Air Care Club, the benefits of HVAC inspections include priority customer status, annual heating and cooling inspections, customer loyalty discounts, zero overtime fees, and a $29 diagnostic fee for on-demand service calls. The positives of joining our Air Care Club can considerably help maintain your unit.

We further offer two distinct plans with a variety of features for our Air Care Club members. Our Basic plan is just $8 a month. This plan includes a one-time tune-up, an additional 1” filter, and an additional system. Meanwhile, our Ultimate plan is $14 per month and includes a bi-annual tune-up, an additional 1” filter, priority service, a mere $29 diagnostic fee for service calls, a customer loyalty discount, and an additional unit.

Regardless of if you are a member of our Air Care Club or not, the value of having an HVAC inspection remains. With HVAC examinations, you can keep your unit running smoothly, and find maintenance issues before they progress and damage the entire unit. If you're interested in having an HVAC inspection nearby, call Jordan Air at 706-743-7444, or visit our website at https://www.jordanairinc.com/ for all of your heating, cooling, air conditioning, emergency, and energy needs. 

Chancey Doster