HVAC systems are extremely expensive. The worst words someone can say are “Your system is going to need replaced.” At Jordan Air, we offer preventative maintenance plans to help you get the most out of your system for as long as possible. Here are some benefits of preventative maintenance hvac plans.

  1. Money, Money, Money- We invest in oil changes, tire rotations, and routine maintenance for our cars to avoid much larger, more expensive issues. The same applies for your HVAC. With HVAC preventative maintenance, you are avoiding those crazy expenses associated with emergency repair costs. It’s an initial investment, but it says you so much money long-term.

  2. Efficiency- When your HVAC is attended to regularly, it can run at optimal efficiency. If your HVAC system isn’t maintained, it might be running at poor efficiency. Poor efficiency HVAC systems end up costing you more money from high-energy costs. If you choose an HVAC preventative maintenance plan, our technicians will always make sure your system is running at its highest efficiency.

  3. Safety- Did you know that your HVAC system can be a hazard to you and your family if it’s not properly maintained? You might never ever notice there is anything wrong with your system until a professional technician takes a look. If you decide to sign up for HVAC preventative maintenance, you will not only live in a safer environment for you and your family, but you will also have a more reliable system.

  4. Longer Equipment Life- As equipment gets older, its bound to have issues. If left unattended, you might have to fork out a ton of money to replace it with a newer system. With preventative maintenance, your equipment can last longer because it improves its performance and and lifespan.

  5. Reduce Maintenance Costs- It’s expensive to have technicians come to your house all the time to handle issues regarding your HVAC system. When problems are unforeseen, it can be extremely costly and time-consuming to replace or fix. If your HVAC system is regularly maintained, small issues can be fixed because larger issues occur.

Olivia McDonald