We all know how pesky a broken HVAC unit can be, especially during football season when you are hosting people to enjoy a game! Routine maintenance on your unit can help prevent your system from breaking and keep you comfortable all year long! Here are some reasons why HVAC preventative maintenance can be helpful:

1.     Keep your unit functioning efficiently- In order to maximize your unit, HVAC system maintenance is necessary to keep your unit running efficiently. Routine HVAC maintenance ensures that your unit is being used effectively to provide you with air that will keep you comfortable all year long. This maintenance also allows the experts to catch any issues in your system before they start affecting the temperature of your home, which maximizes your comfort in your home!  

2.     Maintaining healthy air flow in your home- We all know that changing air filters can be a pain, but with routine maintenance on your HVAC system, the experts will make sure your home is safe and clean by ensuring that your unit is operating at its best. Your home is where you spend a lot of time, which is why it is important that you and your family are breathing in clean air every day!

3.     Lowering costs of utility bills- An obvious bonus of having routine maintenance done on your HVAC systems is that it has the potential to significantly decrease your utility bills. If your home is using an old HVAC unit, it takes way more energy to power that unit to heat and cool your home, but routine maintenance will make sure that you have the right unit for your home size and will make sure that the unit is running efficiently!

4.     Extends the life of your heating/ air systems- By having the experts come out and check on the functionality of your unit on a routine basis, you are maximizing the life of your unit. This means that replacing your units will become a less frequent necessity, as HVAC experts will check up on your units and prevent any foreseeable issues that could disrupt the functionality of the unit and the comfortability of your home!

5.     Eliminates unforeseen costs of broken unit/ repair- Maintenance for air conditioning units helps prevent unforeseen issues with these units, in turn, saving you money in the long run. If your unit needs to be repaired or replaced, our experts will catch the issue before it has the ability to break down the entire system and leave you in a poor situation!

Routine maintenance for your HVAC system helps ensure that you will have a relaxed, full house for every game day with no stress of a broken unit!

Olivia McDonald