How to Know if Your Home Needs a Gas Furnace Repair

They’re big, we rely on them a lot, and they’re an important feature in our homes, yet we rarely think about them as they quietly (hopefully) work in the background to make the air comfortable. But since we may not think about them until there is a problem, how can you know when it’s time for a furnace repair?

It’s always going to be more convenient for you to head off a problem before it gets bad, and it might even be cheaper. Here are some symptoms to consider when assessing the needs of your gas furnace repair.

1. Your furnace isn’t heating at all

This one may seem obvious, but if it starts to happen toward the end of winter or if you supplement certain room with a space heater, the performance of your furnace may slip by unnoticed. If you can feel a variability in the temperature of your home throughout the day that may be a sign that your furnace is falling down on the job. If you know for sure that the furnace just isn’t blowing hot air, rest assured it’s not going to fix itself.

2. Your furnace isn’t heating enough

This symptom is much more subtle and easier to slip between the cracks. Occasionally feel the heat coming out of the vents and adjust the thermostat up and down and see if you can tell the difference. If the air doesn’t seem like it is responding very much the furnace may be losing power.

3. Your furnace is more than 15 years old

Even if you don’t notice any issues with its performance, think about how old it is. Most gas furnaces can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. To stretch out its life as long as possible it needs to get regular maintenance. If your furnace is toward the middle of its life or later, more likely than not it could use some touching up.

Just because your gas furnace may need repairs doesn’t mean those repairs will be major expenses. Sometimes all you need to improve the performance of your unit is to change the air filters, or to remove items around the intake that are restricting airflow. Other times there can be electrical issues that can be solved by simply resetting the furnace breaker in the breaker box. So don’t hesitate to get your unit serviced, because again, future you will thank you for getting it taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem.

The good news about your furnace repair service is that there is no better time to do it than in the summer! While technicians work on your unit it can be out of commission for an afternoon up to a few days. So if you’re going to be out of a heater, it may as well be during the time of the year that the Georgia heat picks up all the slack, and then some.

If you need to get your gas furnace checked out, call us today to schedule an appointment!

Tori Hanna