Emergency Summer HVAC Repair

Extreme weather conditions are unpredictable and unexpected, which can cause crucial damage to your HVAC unit. An HVAC uses cooling liquid to reduce the temperature of the air, while sending hot air outside and cold air inside. Why choose Jordan Air for emergency HVAC service? Jordan Air is quick and efficient when working on your air conditioner, especially in the summer when a loved one could be in danger from the heat. Jordan Air’s emergency HVAC repair runs day and night. The technicians are well experienced for your emergency cooling needs.

How do you know if there are issues with your HVAC?

In most cases, if there are issues with your HVAC unit, these signs will help you diagnose the problem, so you can receive help quickly to avoid a bigger problem or inconvenience. Here are some common signs of a unit that needs emergency HVAC service:

  1. Foul odors

  2. Poor air flow

  3. Loud or odd sounds

  4. Malfunctioning thermostat

What to do if these signs are present:

It can be a bit nerve-wracking to come home to these signs that there is an issue with your HVAC unit, especially in the heat of the summer. Here are some helpful next steps to take when you recognize an issue with your unit that might require an air conditioning repair:

  1. Make sure these signs aren’t minor inconveniences and in fact bigger and damaging issues.

  2. Contact a service for a maintenance checkup

In case of an emergency:

In the instance that there is a major problem with your unit that requires emergency cooling services, these are some easy ways to stay as comfortable as possible in your home while you wait on your HVAC repair.

  1. Turn on all of the fans in your house

  2. Keep your body cool by drinking lots of ice cold drinks and eating cold foods

  3. Wear loose clothing and reside to calmer activities such as reading or watching TV

Why choose Jordan Air?

  1. Jordan air provides quick and affordable emergency services when your HVAC breaks down, so you don’t have to sweat it! These certified technicians work hard to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

  2. Our technicians will allow you to take pride in the quality and efficiency of your HVAC system after we provide an emergency HVAC repair to your unit!

Nobody wants to be stuck in the heat, especially in your own home. Follow these helpful cooling steps while help from your Jordan Air experts is on the way. Make sure to check out Jordan Air next time you are in need of emergency HVAC service!

Lydia Sloan