When to Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Knowing when duct cleaning services are necessary can be difficult to determine. Although the EPA recommend air duct cleaning due to certain benefits, they are unsure of its exact impact on your home and family’s health. In order to help you identify the right time for duct cleaning, we’ve compiled some signs to look out for: 

  1. Dust Buildup:

    Significant amounts of dust or large obstructions in the ductwork are two major concerns for homeowners considering duct cleaning. If air can flow smoothly through your air ducts, the system can efficiently provide air to your living spaces. Any major blockage can result in higher energy costs, so it is wise to take preventative measures. 

  2. Watch Out for Rodents and Insects:

    Starting to see lots of rodent and insect bodies piling in you air ducts? There’s a high chance duct cleaning services are necessary. At this point, insects may have taken shelter in your air ducts, and nobody wants insect by-products circulating throughout your air space.

  3. Unwarranted Cold or Allergies:

    If you or someone in your household is experiencing a high level of allergy related illness, duct cleaning could be beneficial. Especially if you have taken other preventive measures to clean your home, it might be wise to consider air duct cleaning specifically. 

  4. Beware of Mold:

    Is your home beginning to smell musty? You may need to have an HVAC expert come take a look. Every once and awhile, mold can develop in your ducts, causing damage to your entire HVAC system. Trapped moisture can build up and create mold in your ducts. Any sign of this should be treated right away in order to prevent further damage. 

To help prevent the need for air duct cleaning, here are some helpful tips to keep your system in line:

  1. Ensure that your vents have proper filters

  2. Use humidifiers and dehumidifiers when necessary

  3. Make sure your ducts are sealed correctly

  4. Regular cleanings to ensure solid combustion efficiency, airflow and hydronic balance

  5. Vacuum and dust your home often

  6. Refrain from smoking indoors

  7. Regular maintenance at least once a year

At Jordan Air, we strive to keep your ducts healthy and clean! Most heating and cooling issues come from leaky ducts. This could be a result of dirty, old or leaky ductwork, which can harm your indoor air quality. Jordan Air provides a broad range of HVAC duct services at a fair air duct cleaning cost. If you need a duct consultation, installation, cleaning or repairs, our skilled technicians are practiced and proficient in working with air ducts. At Jordan Air, we pride ourselves on providing you with quality duct services.

Lydia Sloan